Soaring Above

Simply clad in a red sheath dress paired with silver heels, she radiated a kind of elegance that took me by wave. She shoved her wavy, long black hair at the back of her nape as her mother put on her a simple silver necklace with a ring pendant. Then, she stared her large deep black eyes onto a cue card that a fellow student gave her just a while ago, pursed her red-matte-accentuated lips, and raised an eyebrow. Indeed, she projected a very strong personality as she straightened right in front of me, wiping a bead of sweat off her forehead.

Seemingly shivering, she walked right into me and took me by the shoulder to a corner which heightened the whirling of butterflies inside my belly, then amplified the volume of sweat coming out of my pores. I was such in a state of lawlessness as though I did not have control over my own entity.

“We can, right?” she said to me. But all I did was nod in agreement– not only on the questions itself but also to the presupposition that ‘we’ existed – which fortunately hid my trembling soul. Well, at least to at the moment she asked. But when all seemed perfect, a person broke and emerged into a second wave. He called out to us, “Guys! Thirty second left before SFX Theme Bed fades in!” Then, the assumption, undoubtedly, lasted for the moment. And the moment was gone, already soaring above and beyond reach as we aired.

Unfortunately, it was just a one-time show. 

And the feelings that start in a youthful heart, they could be gone tomorrow. I wonder if it’s still worth trying to keep these from soaring above…separately.


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